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“Sleep Box” Pillow mist and Candle set.

At Irish Botanicals we just love a good night’s sleep and really know how it sets you up for the next day quite like nothing else!  Experts advise us to turn off our blue lights (tv’s, computer’s and phones) at least 2-3 hours before sleep. “Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms.

Even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. A mere eight lux—a level of brightness exceeded by most table lamps and about twice that of a night light—has an effect”, Stephen Lockley, a Harvard sleep researcher. The simple ritual of turning off the lights and lighting a candle instinctively tells us to wind down and relax. Especially with our special combination of lavender and black peppermint.

And so to bed……

Finally:   Spritz your pillow a few minutes before sleep, remember take a big deep breath (or three). Always breath deep from your diaphragm, it instantly relaxes you and off to gorgeous sleep you go!

Set contains our hand made Pillow mist and candle RRP €45.00

Promotional price €29.95

Burn time 40 hours.

100% natural wax.

Cotton Wick.

Pillow mist  30ml.

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