Our Fragrances

In case we haven’t mentioned it we just love fragrance here at Irish Botanicals!!

We love peony roses, always have but this season we’ve fallen in love with all things seaweed and coastal, our Irish Kombu has been a big hit and we are loving all thing teal too as colour is just as important as the fragrance!

Lavender + black Peppermint: Fresh garden lavender and gorgeous black peppermint makes this the most gorgeously fresh and relaxing scent.

Lavender IB

Chamomile and Wild Burren Thyme: This gorgeous scent has all the relaxing elements that only chamomile can bring but paired with our punchy wild burden thyme it really makes for a gorgeous combination that is both refreshing and so uplifting.

Chamomile IB

Peony and Wild Apple-mint. What is more fabulous than a fresh Peony rose…. a fresh peony rose mixed with fresh apple-mint… one word.. gorgeous!!

Garden Rose Peony Pink

Blooming bluebells. This gorgeous and refreshing scent is such a great summer scent. A stunning mix of fresh bluebells with notes of lemon and Freesia make this so refreshing, light and simple.

Bluebells IB

Kombu and Seagrass. This gorgeous coastal scent is a fabulous mix of Irish Kombu, sea-salt and Wild Atlantic costal elements. It’s so fresh with gorgeous masculine base notes.

Laminaria digitata

Honeysuckle & Pineapple sage: This gorgeous and refreshing scent is so perfect for summer. A stunning mix of fresh Honeysuckle (is there actually anything more beautiful?!) mixed with one of our favorite garden herbs, pineapple sage, one word fabulous!

Honeysuckle IB