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So to celebrate meeting friends and going “out out” whatever that means these days?!!…. 
So now is the perfect time to get dressed up…. summer dresses, tanned skin and fresh summer scents just fills the air..ahh summer..

No summer outfit is truly complete without the spritz of your favourite summer scent…. to smell like “holidays” (Verveine) yumm, to smell like summer eats outside (Earl grey & Primrose) or to celebrate peony season (Peony and wild Apple mint) it just makes you feel great!

So we thought, lets run a promotion to celebrate simply being “out”!

So all perfume purchased in July will RRP 19.95 was 29.95! 


The scents really are gorgeous so light, fresh and just scream,outdoors!

Offer ends July 30th.

Thank you!

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