About Us

Here at Irish Botanicals we have such a huge love for all things floral, herbal and just generally natural and outdoorsy!

Irish Botanicals candle jars on beach

Packaging :

As I hope you will see packaging is everything to us, we don’t work this hard to create the most amazing fragrances to put them in anything but a fabulous box too!

We’re Mixologists….

Irish Botanicals candle jars

We are fragrance mixologist’s and love to take the floral and twist it with the bitter herb, it works every time (well we hope you agree!).

Passion :

Irish Botanicals has a passion for all things natural, all our candles are 100% natural and cotton, lead free wicks. You will find us in all the most fabulous stores across Ireland and the UK or of course feel free to buy online!

What’s next …..

We have so much more to come, we are very excited to tell you, but you will wait have to wait and see!!

We love feedback if you have anything to tell us please contact us on hello@irishbotanicals.com and follow us for all our exiting happenings on insta @irishbotanicals

Lots of love,

The Botanic gals xxxx

Behind the scenes on set, Rachel McCann
Behind the scenes on set, Rachel McCann
Irish Botanicals kombu diffuser