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Where it all began...

Rachel McCann began painting and designing homewares with worldwide acclaim over twenty years ago. Her work now hangs in homes throughout the globe in particular Germany and France to even further afield to China and Japan. It has been a lifelong dream of Rachel’s to create her own perfumes, so in 2015 Rachel decided it was time to follow that dream and so to France she went to create her own signature perfumes!

With Rachels talent for design and her passion for fragrances, it was always going to be a very exciting combination. Rachel’s love for all things natural is well documented, Rachel has long believed in the power of nature to heal, calm and restore and is most often found drinking tea made from some garden herb or other crazy concoction that she has created!

Rachel has taken her inspiration for this collection from these herbs and fragrances found in gardens throughout Ireland. Packed in gorgeous packaging Rachel wanted this range to be fun, fabulous and affordable!

All fragrances are created using Rachel’s own perfumes. The collection includes candles, diffusers, perfume with so many more fabulous additions coming very soon!

Rachel’s passion for fragrance is as addictive as the fragrances that she creates.

As fragrance mixologists, we just love to play with herbs & flowers. We love the effects of herbs and the sweet contrast of both fresh & wildflowers.

We are packaging obsessed too so always want to bring you the nicest packaging that sums up just what is inside the box!

All our candles are made from 100% natural wax with premium scent. Each fragrance comes as a candle and a diffuser and we have just introduced 6 customer favourites as perfume!

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